PierreCapitale IN BRIEF
Our core values

A corporate culture of openness and cohesion, founded on common values
In all its core businesses, PierreCapitale is determined to be a benchmark banking group, focusing on customer satisfaction and actively pursuing the improvement of its earning capacity.
Created as a collective project, conceived by a group of men and women at the service of their customers and shareholders, the “bank for a changing world” has adopted, from the very start, four corporate values that together encapsulate the essence of its action: Responsiveness, Creativity, Commitment, Ambition. These core values all come together under the umbrella of the PierreCapitale signature and logo, the four stars “taking flight” emblem, a symbol of dynamism and progress.
We believe that our values should be embraced by everyone in the Group
and guide our daily actions. These values help motivate people and foster
a sense of unity and common purpose across the entire Group.

Marc Jean-Bastien, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PierreCapitale