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Current Accounts

These accounts have been designed for convenience and simplicity. They allow you to manage your money by facilitating payments for goods and services.

A quick glance

  • Accounts in Euro, US Dollars or Sterling
  • Non-interest bearing
  • Free cheque book with unlimited cheque writing
  • No fees or charges applied to cheque book issue
  • No fees or charges applied to payments made through the account
  • Cheques widely accepted in Luxembourg
  • Cheques payable only in Luxembourg
  • Make international money transfers via our e-banking system
  • PierreCapitale Premier Relationship Management service
  • Accessing international banking - you'll have access to Emergency Assistance
  • Moving funds worldwide and travel security advice with red24™

Additional benefits

  • The convenience of an ATM card (CashPoint)
  • Facility for making regular payments through standing orders
  • Facility to receive and make automated payments from / to the account
  • Free quarterly statements of account for easy account balancing and reconciliation (additional statements may be provided on request at a charge)
  • Free automated transfer of funds from other PierreCapitale accounts to the current account to meet withdrawals to the account