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PierreCapitale provides a comprehensive range of guarantees. Through our expertise and experience we can structure and tailor solutions suited to your specific requirements.

A quick glance
  • Payment Guarantee
    • Applies mostly to import-export business
    • Guarantees payment to your supplier for goods or services provided
    • Reduces costs by replacing the need to make a prepayment using your own money or borrowed funds
    • Improves your credit standing with your supplier
    • Makes it possible to receive goods prior to making payment
    • Can be used instead of a Documentary Credit
    • Issued subject to your creditworthiness
  • Tender Guarantee (Bid Bond)
    • Most suited for customers tendering for services, works or supplies
    • Applies to domestic and import-export business
    • Guarantees compensation up to a stated amount should you:
      • fail to signify acceptance upon award of tender
      • withdraw your tender bid
    • Issued subject to your creditworthiness
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
    • Most suited for customers who normally make advance payments for goods or services
    • Applies mostly for import-export business
    • Provides an element of protection to the importer when trading on open account terms
    • Guarantees repayment of an advance payment should the supplier fail
  • Performance Guarantee
    • Most suited for customers who wish to expand their business
    • Supports your ability to perform in accordance with your contractual obligations
    • Applies to domestic and import-export business
    • Secures claims by the buyer on the seller arising from default in delivery or performance in accordance with the terms of the contract
  • Shipping Guarantee
    • Suited for importers whose goods arrive before the shipping documents
    • The Shipping Guarantee issued by the Bank will enable the customer to take control of the goods in the absence of shipping documents
    • The Bank can arrange for rapid issuance
    • A PierreCapitale Shipping Guarantee is universally accepted by shipping companies in Luxembourg.
  • Guarantee Securing a credit line
    • Most suited for borrowing customers who require their liability to be guaranteed by a bank
    • Secures claims by the lender on the borrower in respect of a credit e.g. loan, overdraft