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Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts are an easy and secure way to set aside money which is surplus to your immediate needs but to which you need ready access.

A quick glance

  • Interest calculated daily on all the cleared balance and credited annually to the account on the fifteenth of November 
  • No fees are applied, irrespective of the number of transactions on the account
  • Withdrawals can be made on demand giving easy access to your cash
  • Deposits can be made at any time within normal banking hours

Additional benefits

  • Regular payments can be made by setting up Standing Orders
  • Possibility to receive and make automated payments from the account - direct credits and meeting direct debits
  • Free half-yearly statement of account for easy account balancing and reconciliation (additional statements may be provided at a charge)
  • Free transfer of funds from other PierreCapitale accounts to the Savings Accounts for improved cash management