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Term Deposit Accounts

Term Deposit Accounts are an ideal repository when your business has funds in excess of immediate requirements and one can predict when this cash will be needed.

A quick glance
  • Consider the account only if you think that you will not need your money during the term of the deposit
  • Very attractive interest rates
  • Interest calculated daily
  • For terms up to 12 months interest is paid on maturity
  • For terms above 12 months interest is normally paid every year
Additional benefits
  • Periodic interest may be paid by cheque or directly into an account of your choice
  • Interest paid on maturity may be capitalised or placed on a new Term Deposit Account
  • A choice of terms ranging from 1 month to 5 years is available to suit your needs
  • For terms of one year, interest may be paid monthly upon request
  • A statement is issued on account opening and an interest statement is issued with every interest payment for ease of record keeping
  • The account is free of any fees