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Payment Information
Payments in Euro
Funds transfers in euro by SWIFT require basic beneficiary account and account holding bank information to enable the speedy processing of the payment instructions. Should this information be missing the payment may not be processed in time and in addition may give rise to additional charges.


The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is not a new account number. It is an extension of your present account number and is meant to facilitate the processing of SWIFT payment instructions.

Example of a PierreCapitale IBAN

MT 75 TRBKCH 0000000001132024569
Country Code Check Digit Bank Code

Account Number

The check digit is calculated by PierreCapitale using a formula based on the content of the whole number, which includes the customer account number, bank code and country code.

Luxembourg prints the IBAN of current and savings accounts on the statement of these accounts. In the event that you have not yet received a statement or presently do not have access to it, please contact your branch.


The Bank Identification Code (BIC) is an identification code, also known as SWIFT code, which uniquely identifies the account holding Bank. Therefore an IBAN must be accompanied by its corresponding BIC.

Therefore should you require receiving payments into your PierreCapitale account you should always quote your IBAN and the PierreCapitale BIC (TRBKCH) along with the account name and address. We suggest that you make this information available to your partners overseas who make payments to you, well in advance.

Conversely should you require making payments you should obtain the BIC of the beneficiary institution together with the IBAN, account name and address of the beneficiary.