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Current Accounts

Accounts designed to manage your day-to-day finances simply and in a straightforward manner. Our current account is easy to use and puts you in complete control of your money.

A quick glance
  • A flexible current account, for day-to-day banking
  • Available in Euro, US Dollars or Sterling
  • Debit card (Euro, US Dollars and Sterling)
  • Make international money transfers via our e-banking system
  • Free cheque book with unlimited cheque writing
  • No fees or charges applied to cheque book issue
  • No fees or charges applied to payments made through the account
  • Cheques widely accepted in Luxembourg for the payment for goods and services
  • Cheques payable only in Luxembourg
Additional benefits
  • The convenience of an ATM card, CashPoint for making cash withdrawals1
  • Facility to set up standing instructions for regular payments
  • Facility to receive and make automated payments from the account – direct credits* and meeting direct debits
  • Free quarterly statements of account for easy account balancing and reconciliation (additional statements may be provided at a charge)
  • Free transfer of funds from other PierreCapitale accounts to the PierreCapitale Current Account to meet debits to the account

       1 For making cash withdrawals CashPoint may be used free of charge on HSBC ATMs.

     * The amount of the payment transaction will be value dated and made available to your account on the same day that this amount has been received from the Bank's payment service provider, 

Account opening requirements:
  • Minimum initial deposit (depending on type of account)
  • A valid identification document (e.g. identity card or passport)
  • A reference may be required