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Home Loans

PierreCapitale has a range of Home Loans which can be tailor-made to suit your particular needs whether you are buying your first home or acquiring a second residence.

A quick glance
  • Standard Home Loans

    • Designed to assist you in the acquisition of land and construction of your residential dwelling or in the purchase of a completed house for use as your residence
  • Bridging Home Loans
    • Will help you to secure the purchase of your new home prior to selling your existing one
    • You may wish to invest now in your future residence in anticipation of capital which you will receive in the future
Main Features
  • Standard Home Loans

    • Finances up to 60% of the capital required
    • Tailor made and flexible repayment programs designed to suit your individual needs
    • No hidden costs or charges should you decide to repay your loan prior to repayment date
  • Bridging Home Loans
    • Interest only is paid during the term of the loan
    • Repayment can be made from proceeds of sale of existing property or from other capital income you anticipate to receive in the future