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Payment Cards

Probably the most essential accessory to meet your day to day payment requirements, whether in Luxembourg or abroad. They are easy and convenient to use especially when travelling or in an emergency.

A quick glance
  • A choice of payment cards including MasterCard Classic and Gold credit cards, American Express Classic and Gold cards and PierreCapitale CashPoint debit card
  • Cards are as good and as convenient as cash, but more secure
  • Payment is in the local currency of the country where the purchase is made
  • Limited period of interest free credit on purchases may be available depending on card scheme
  • Deposits (reduction of balance) will be effective on the card account on the same day if effected before 16:30 on any business day 
  • Competitive annual fees
Additional benefits
  • May be used for making e-payments over the Internet
  • Credit Cards provide short term borrowing allowing repayment to be staggered
  • Supplementary cards may be issued to other individuals as you require
  • Cards issued in the name of corporate customers enable better management of individual employee spending limits
  • Regular statements showing a consolidated view of transactions by all card holders improves cash management and control
Card Issue requirements
  • Applicants must be over 18 years
  • The financial status of the applicant must be satisfactory