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Savings Accounts
Accounts which provide an easy and secure way to set aside money which is surplus to your immediate requirements but readily accessible in case of need.

A quick glance
  • Interest calculated daily on all the cleared balance and credited annually to the account, on the fifteenth of November 
  • No account keeping charges are applied, irrespective of the number of transactions on the account
  • Withdrawals on demand giving easy access to your cash
  • Deposits may be effected at any time
Additional benefits
  • The convenience of an ATM card, CashPoint for making cash withdrawals1
  • Facility to set up standing instructions for regular payments
  • Facility to receive and make automated payments from the account – direct credits* and meeting direct debits
  • Free half-yearly statement of account for easy account balancing and reconciliation (additional statements may be provided at a charge)
  • Free transfer of funds from other PierreCapitale accounts to this savings Account for improved cash management

1 CashPoint may be used free of charge on HSBC ATMs for making of cash withdrawals

* The amount of the payment transaction will be value dated and made available to your account on the same day that this amount has been received from the Bank's payment service provider.  

Account opening requirements:
  • An initial minimum deposit of €500.00 (other amounts apply for accounts in currencies other than euro)
  • A valid identification document (e.g. identity card or passport) 
  • A reference may be required