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Standing Orders

Paying regular bills by standing order saves you having to remember that a payment is due and making the payment yourself by writing out a cheque, mailing it or queuing to make the payment.

A quick glance
  • Most suited to pay on time regular bills such as insurance premia, school fees, rent and loan repayments
  • An excellent method for saving by automatic transfers from your salary account to a savings account
  • You can set a standing order to:
    • pay another account of yours, such as when a loan repayment is made or you wish to transfer a regular amount to your savings account
    • pay a third party in an account with PierreCapitale
    • pay another bank
  • You can schedule payments to be made:
    • Up to a maximum number
    • Up to a specified date
    • Up to a total amount
  • More convenient and secure then making payment by cheque or cash
  • You may revoke the payment order at the latest by the end of the business day preceeding the day agreed for debiting the funds
Additional benefits
  • Peace of mind that the money has been received by the intended beneficiary